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The Open Door Team, 21 November 2011

GM - Hardworking, honest and friendly team, always something different going on. 

CA - Both boys enjoy the activities provided and love coming to Open Door.  

GM - Friendly focused honest team.  Fun loving but able to control situations.  Always something different going on. The team are recognized for their positivity, good communication skills and hard work.  

SW - My child was very apprehensive the first time he attended and was made to feel very special when he walked in.  The staff saw he was unsure and by the end of the day he couldn\'t wait to come next time.

CH - I am happy with the care that my children have at Open Door.  They talk about ativities and games they take part in, they love cooking, craft and team games.

Comment: maybe fruit could be added to snack time?  - We offer toast/sandwiches some days and fruit salad and yoghurt on a Thursday.  All the children come up for seconds and thirds on a Thursday.  Sometimes if the children do not attend on that day they get the alternative snacks - Caroline


After school club and holiday club comments, 2013

G - great time, food and entertainment was awesome. 

R - we all had a lovely time and the entertainment was great. 

RS - had a wonderful time much appreciated by all the family, thank  you for inviting us.

D - really enjoyed the party especially the entertainment.

S - we had a wonderful party, lovely and relaxing and the entertainer was fab.

C - had a really enjoyable day.

CB - thank you had a nice time, it built up my childrens excitment towards christmas



Parents support group christmas party comments, 22 December 2012

CB family - thank you very much for organising another enjoyable trip, the swimming has been great fun, it was lovely to see the children splashing and seeing my husband play with the children. My son told me he was having a nice time which means so much to me hearing him say that, thank you very much.

GA family - good trip and even better a bit of exercise.  

CF family - had a great time swimming, the children enjoyed it and it was nice for my husband to meet people that have the same family life, he enjoyed talking to them and seeing the children enjoy themselves smiling and mixing with other children.  We have been swimming since and really enjoyed it, so many thanks for organising it.

RP family - it was lovely that it was not too big a group and that it was not busy in the pool. My child struggles with a variety of noises and gets very easily agitated and upset if there are a lot of people and noise all at once.  I found it very enjoyable and it was lovely that the children could enjoy an activity together, thank you for a lovely afternoon.

DH family - just wanted to say thank you very much for organising the two simming trips it was great to have the pool to ourselves and for the children to be able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment without having too many distractions. My children would love to go there again which is brilliant as sometimes new situations are difficult to manage.  Being able to access activities like this enables those of us with additional needs children to take part in activities that many families take for granted, it opens up a new world for our children, thank you so much.

CO family - loved been able to go in the water without everyone staring. 



Parents support group swimming trips - comments, 3 February and 3 March 2013

M & E - had a lovely day and the thoughfulness of one particular member of staff for lending them spending money was above and beyond their call of duty.  Many thanks for arranging the trip during a busy period for all.

S & E - loved the animals and lots of things in the shop to buy, loved walking through the tank in a tunnel and touching the rays.  Really enjoyed this trip out as it was interative and they could watch a show while eating lunch.

E - loved going to the gift shop and buying presents and talking to N on the bus.

EL - thought the best bit was going under the tunnel and looking up at all the fish and sharks above you.

ET - loved going to the gift shop and buying a toy then going to the park after.

C - I liked everything but my favourite was when I touched the starfish and saw sharks and the divers in the tank feeding the stingrays. 

J - liked touching the fish and the starfish, having dinner and going in the park. It was fab and I loved it.

Q - liked watching the show and when we stroked the stingrays and touching the starfish. 

R - I liked the sharks and the divers, they waved to me and I liked all of it.

P & O - we liked it when we went to the blue planet.  Watching the fish and the sharks with the man in the water. 

J & B - we liked the divers and the fish.  The trip was wonderful and can\'t wait to take Mummy there. 

ES - the playground was best, the tunnel you went in the middle of and the sharks and stingrays that swum on top of you.

Staff - thought the trip went well, good idea havving groups each as easier to manage and nice to be able to give the children time, really enjoyed eating lunch and watching a show.   Liked being able to touch the stingrays etc and walking through the tunnel looking at the sharks teeth.  Well organised making it more pleasurable trip.  The children really enjoyed themselves and there was a lot to see, the diving show was really good. 

Holiday Club Blue Planet trip - what was the best bit? , 3 January 2013

DH family - well organised and relaxed atmosphere.  All the children were very well behaved and the staff had a good way with the children, it was good that the children were in small groups.  The children were able to get more out of the day and it was far less stressful for the staff.  We had plenty of time and nothing felt rushed.

SH family - the best bit was watching the divers feeding the sharks, the walk through tunnel and the hands on pools.  A lovely day out  no rushing around, relaxing, a grand trip out. The children had an awesome time. 

CB family - it was a great day out from start to finish.  Lovely to spend the day as a family. Both my children really enjoyed seeing everything at the Blue Planet.  We liked seeing our children having the confidence to put their hands in the water to touch a stingray.  A great day out thank you very much.

AM - a wonderful day out, appropriate for all ages.  Lovely to spend time all together as a family.

EO - it was all brilliant, we all enjoyed our day out lots to look at and fun for all the children.

CP - had a good day and spent time with my children.




Parents support group Blue Planet trip - what was the best bit?, 3 January 2013

Enjoyed the trip, the venue was very busy.  We all had a good look around but some of the rides were unsuitable for my daughter as they weren\'t very stable. First time for my daughter to go on a bus trip and enjoyed the experience. Thank you.

I think Legoland was really good and it was nice to do something different.  I enjoyed the cinema and the rides, thank  you very much.

I think that it was a good day.

Excellent day will come again another day, thank  you.

We had a nice time and had fun.

Lovely thank you very much.

Lovely day for the younger ones only shame older ones werent allowed in the soft play area.

Nice day out at Legoland thank you.

We have all had a wonderful day, loved the 4d cinema wow thanks for organising.

It has been a brilliant day and we have all really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you very much.

Wow we have had a fab time at Legoland lots of fun things to see and do a big thank you.

Great day really enjoyed it, well organised, we all loved building using our imaginations. Great family day out together.



Parents support group visit to Legoland - comments, 3 November 2012

What did you gain from a beginners course?


Gained confidence in running

I hoped to make friends as I was new to the area, would now like to become a leader in running

Would like to run further than before which I have and have since become a leader

I wanted to increase speed and distance and make new friends, I have become a Leader and entered two half marathons

I wanted better fitness and friendship and would love more running sessions

I was a beginner last year and looked on the internet and now feel able to take up triathlon and running events, thanks for waiting for me to finish work

I wanted to be able to jog a mile and feel fitter, I am now able to run 3 miles

I wanted to gain fitness, I can now run longer distances and am waiting to go on a leadership course

I have become a leader and love to encourage other ladies to come along and give it a go

Walking to running courses - various times of the year,

A - my baby has had a lovely time in nursery, staff are absolutely amazing.

D - As always staff are always friendly and make the group enjoyable for parent and toddlers alike.


Nursery and Parent and Toddler Group,

Lovely day well done to all the children who took part and practised hard leading up to the day, you all deserved your certificate.    

























































































Sports day 2013,

A wonderful nursery setting, the best in 12 years with four children.  Thanks to all the staff, sad to leave.

Thank you for all the fun and exciting times.

Just like to say a huge thanks for all you have done for my child.  She has really enjoyed her time at Open Door and you have given her a great foundation for the future.

Amazing and friendly staff, lovely atmosphere and very welcoming.

Helpful, approachable and an enjoyable experience for my child.

My little girl is celebrating her final day after 12 months attending Open Door.  It\'s a doube edged sword really because we are celebrating what a lovely time she has had there, each and every day but sad that it\'s now time to move onto big school and she will miss all her friends and the staff at Open Door who do a superb job.  They are always friendly, warm and professional.  The effort they put into helping to make all the children\'s days happy, secure, fun and stimulating is amazing.  A big thank you from all of us.

Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of my child.  She has loved every day and I am sure will miss you all.

Thank you for everything, I have really enjoyed my time with you and will miss you lots xx

Thank you all very much for all you have done for us over the last 3 years.  You\'ve all been like part of the family, we\'ll miss you.  Thanks once again.

Thank you for everything you have done for our family we are going to really miss you all.  Hope to catch up every now and again.











Parents feedback on nursery, End of term July 2013